Saturday, April 4, 2020

Pandemic Paradoxes

       One of the many ironies of covid-19 is, on the one hand, it demonstrates to the world how connected we all are. That which in normal times separates and divides falls away. We realize we are one united humanity fighting a common enemy-a great equalizer, if you will. At this time it is absolutely critical we work together for our common good. On the other hand, we also see one of the best ways to care for one another is to isolate ourselves from one another. We are, in a very real sense, fighting a common enemy alone together.
And yet, even in isolation we are not alone. One of the great paradoxes of social media is, it’s capacity for good and for evil are equal. If  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest were instruments of division yesterday, today we must make them instruments of union, of connection. To paraphrase Paul, ‘do not present social media as an instrument of wickedness but rather, present it as an instrument of righteousness’. 
For most of us quarantine is something completely new. Not many have lived in isolation for any length of time. It’s not natural; it’s why solitary confinement is such a horrible punishment. We are, simply put, created for connection. And yet...These times require a new open mindedness. Paradigms will shift. New norms will be established. Horizons will be broadened. Or not. The choice is ours-yours and mine-alone. Covid-19 will not last forever; we will get through it. God will lead us through it. The question we all face is this-will we emerge changed for better, for worse, or not changed at all?
President Trump is wrong. It is not America First, or America against China or the E.U. or Mexico anyone. It is not New York competing against New Jersey or Florida or California or Louisiana or Massachusetts or anyone. It is not Democrats against Republicans. For this moment in time it is humanity against covid-19 and we need to be in this together. For the long haul. 

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